What is Comprehension Game?

Comprehension Game is a learning game in development. The game is for everyone who wants to learn to internalize written knowledge and view content with necessary critique. The critical approach aids comprehension because it forces people to evaluate the content from the beginning. Comprehension Game’s new Unity-powered version is available in browsers. In the long run, the game will be available worldwide but first, it will be tested thoroughly in Finland and Africa (from city to public schools and community schools).

The basic idea of the Comprehension Game is simple. It offers the learning material’s core content as a series of sentences and the player has to determine for each sentence whether it is true or not. Typical misunderstandings that the player should learn to recognize are incorporated into the false sentences. The sentences will be repeated until the player has correctly determined each claim in the set and the game will end. To optimize learning and monitor your progress the game gives feedback after every answer. In some sets, if the player struggles with a particular sentence the game shows an explanation for why that sentence is true or false.

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Comprehension Game relies on the content (Learning packages) created for it. Therefore, we are developing a content management system called Comprehension Game Creator where authorized users can add, modify, share, and translate learning packages. Learning packages can be shared among a smaller group (e.g. all the students and teachers in a school) or made available to all Comprehension Game users, assuming it passes a quality check.

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