Comprehension Game

What is the Comprehension Game?

Typically, reading comprehension develops through reading, but nowadays, especially boys, spend less and less time reading, which means they don’t learn to acquire knowledge through reading. The Comprehension Game provides a playful way to practice reading comprehension for those who are otherwise not inclined to read. At the same time, it enhances critical reading skills, which are essential in today’s information society. The use of the Comprehension Game can be started right after acquiring basic reading skills, usually by the second grade. In the game, the student must assess the accuracy of each statement. Sufficient repetition and getting rid of misunderstandings are made possible by the fact that the game only ends when the learner has correctly assessed all the statements in the section being learned. Evaluating the truthfulness of each statement teaches the reader to approach what they read critically. The game adapts to the individual’s learning level and pace using dynamic assessment, i.e. tracks learning progress and emphasizes what is not yet learned.


The Comprehension Game offers ready-made learning materials (learning packages) and the possibility to create your learning materials with the Comprehension Game Creator. Learning packages are created by condensing the core information of the subject to as few statements as possible and inventing false statements related to the topic, helping students overcome common misconceptions while playing. The most effective benefit from the game is obtained when the player reads a textbook or otherwise familiarizes themselves with the topic before using the Comprehension Game. You can track students’ progress and performance in the game through the Statistics page of the Comprehension Game Creator. You can start using the Comprehension Game, for example, by assigning your students homework to be learned through it. Instructions for using the Comprehension Game and the Comprehension Game Creator can be found here.