Innovating Digital Solutions for Efficient Learning

Empowering Literacy

Do you want to learn and internalize knowledge by reading? Now it is possible by playing a Comprehension Game! In addition, you will develop your media literacy so that you do not fall for misinformation.

What is Comprehension Game

A comprehension Game is a learning game in development. It aims to improve players’ reading comprehension and critical evaluation skills while simultaneously teaching them about various topics. The game is for all ages and will be available on Web, Android and iOS.  Read more…

For teachers

Comprehension Game’s effectiveness depends on its content, so it is natural to let professionals handle it! Who would be better suited to the role than teachers? Comprehension Game and Comprehension Game Creator (Content Management System) are available for testing. Read more about how you can start creating content and testing it in your classroom.


You can create content for Comprehension Game from any material that can be expressed as true or false sentences. The core content of the material can be summarized in the “Learning Package” using the Comprehension Game Creator application. Read more about content management.

The scientific basis

Most people in the developed world can read, but only a portion of them understand well enough what they are reading and can view the information with necessary critique. Comprehension Game tries to offer a solution for this! Read more