Comprehension Game is an innovative educational game which main purpose is to improve reading comprehension and critical thinking. At the same time it teaches the knowledge contained in the read text. Additionally Comprehension Game offers tools, aimed especially at teachers, which enable content management and learning tracking. This makes Comprehension Game a suitable platform for teaching various subject matters.


Comprehension Game is designed to improve reading comprehension and critical thinking. It is aimed at learners of all ages with basic reading skill as its only requirement. In Comprehension Game one answers to true and false claims, which comprise the core knowledge of the subject matter at hand. The learner has to determine for each claim whether it’s true or not. This motivates the learner to think about the subject more deeply and predisposes to a critical way of thinking. Claims are repeated in a random order, though claims that the learner struggles with are given more visibility, until the learner manages to correctly determine the truth value of all the claims successively. The player is given feedback after each answer to make the learning process more efficient and easily trackable.


In Comprehension Game the claims are answered through various minigames, which adds an exciting and immersive layer to the learning process. For example in a car game the learner drives a car, collects coins and dodges obstacles between answering to claims. The collected coins can be used to customize the appearance of the car. The reward system will be such that in order to gain coins at a satisfying rate one has to make correct answers and playing different learning packages is rewarded more than repeating already learnt ones.

Comprehension Game gives the option to turn off most of the gamific features, which might offer a more desirable way to learn for some. In this mode the claims are simply determined to be true or not without any extra attention grabbing features.

Content management

Comprehension Game Creator is a content management tool that can be used to create, edit and share series of claims, which can be of any language, called learning packages. Creator is designed to be user friendly so that teachers and content creators can effortlessly create learning packages that fit their teaching.

Monetization plan

Comprehension Game’s basic version is free and grants access to public learning packages. Additionally free users may create a few learning packages and share them to a limited number of other users. Paid monthly subscriptions are planned to be made available later on in the development:

  • A content subscription aimed at learners that gives access to a wider variety of learning packages and possibly provides extra customization options and/or makes it easier to accumulate the in-game currency.
  • A subscription aimed at content managers, e.g. teachers, that allows creating more packages and sharing them to a larger number of other users. This subscription also includes everything from the content subscription.

A longer term plan is to make it possible to buy individual learning packages and/or customization options independently of the subscriptions.

Future Outlook

Comprehension Game is actively developed in order to offer more engaging and attractive learning experiences. Comprehension Game’s basic functionality, which includes answering to claims and content management, is already usable. Currently the car game is the only available minigame. In the future more minigames, customizable characters and a virtual space (own room) will become available which make it even more desirable to play the game. On the content management side making Creator even easier to get started with especially for teachers and expanding the learning tracking tools are the main priorities. Thanks to constant innovation and development Comprehension Game stays at the forefront of learning technology offering both teachers and learners an efficient tool for improving reading comprehension and critical thinking.


Comprehension Game offers an exciting and dynamic learning experience that is useful to both learners and teachers. The monetization system comprising of subscriptions and in-game purchases offers a potentially steady stream of revenue that enables constant development of new features. The growing demand for interactive and immersive learning tools means that Comprehension Game has a good chance to turn a profit in the field of learning technology.