Getting started with Comprehension Game:

For all platforms

  1. Create an account at if you don’t already have an account for Comprehension Game.
  2. If you don’t see the email confirmation check your spam folder. If you don’t receive the confirmation email in 24 hours, please get in touch with technical support.


  1. Install Comprehension Game from the Google Play store (
  2. Launch the application and log in to the game using your Comprehension Game account. 
  3. Select your name from the revealed list.
  4. You can select the learning package you want to play in the learning packages list.


  1. Install TestFlight
  2. Join the external testing group by tapping this. The link will add your AppleID (email you use to log in to Apple devices and services) to the tester group that enables Beta-testing via Apple’s TestFlight application. If you open a link without TestFlight on your device it will open a website with more information about testing.
  3. Open TestFlight from the application library if it didn’t open by the link. 
  4. Click “Install”
  5. Follow the last steps under the Android section starting from the 2nd point. 


The web version can be played on any modern browser, such as Chrome,  Edge, or Firefox, by navigating to

Getting started with Comprehension Game Creator:

If you were given access to Comprehension Game Creator you may follow the instructions below to get started with creating new learning packages. If you don’t have access, but would like to try out Comprehension Game Creator, please contact

  1. See the “For all platforms” section above to create an account for Comprehension Game if you don’t already have one.
  2. Go to and enter the registration code you were given. Log in first if asked.
  3. Log in to Comprehension Game Creator at
  4. After logging in you can start creating a new learning package by clicking the “Add new”-button.
  5. Please note when creating a learning package:
    • For now, claims must be independent of each other, i.e. any claim must be understandable without seeing any other claim. This is because the order of claims is randomized in the game on repeat attempts. 
    • Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).
    • Most input elements show a tooltip, that explains what that element does, if a mouse pointer is hovered over them.
    • In the game claims are grouped by level. All claims in a level must be evaluated correctly in order to proceed to the next level. Use the levels to group the claims in a way that you think will support the players’ learning process.